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Court and Spark Poster

Court and Spark
50th Anniversary Shows

Joni's most successful album and pop masterpiece

Big Yellow Taxi is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Court and Spark with a special series of shows featuring perfomances of the complete album.

From her top 10 hit "Help Me"  to "Free Man in Paris" and the Jazz standard "Twisted" Joni explores the landscape of the human heart and the hip LA scene of the 70's.

Court and Spark   Help Me   Free Man in Paris   

People's Parties  The Same Situation   Car on a Hill  

Down to You      Just Like This Train 

Raised on Robbery  Trouble Child  Twisted 


Experience the music with the Northeast's premier Joni Mitchell Tribute band. The incredible voice of Teresa Lorenco and the amazing musicianship of Big Yellow Taxi bring the songs to life. 

Booking now for 2024 shows

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